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Forensic Genealogy for Writers by Sharon Sergeant: Update 12/30/2008 Herman and Roma Rosenblat

by Michael 12/30/2008 4:42:00 PM

Here's Sharon's latest update on the hottest Oprah endorsed fraudulent memoir out there in bookland: 

NY Times article

Sharon writes:

"Herman and Roma Rosenblat  and the 'Rotten [Michael's rotten]Apples over the Fence' Holocaust Fraud.

We continue to peel the onion to reveal the many layers in this fraudulent story. Ken Waltzer has been on the front lines with the press. The media is mostly stuck in a fly over. The New Republic is crowing that the New York Times missed breaking the story. "Fact checking" taunts persist, but critical thinking does not follow. Lawyers are jumping in. Family members are becoming more outspoken. MSU prof pokes holes in love story "Waltzer, forensic genealogists Sharon Sergeant and Colleen Fitzpatrick, and historians Uwe Schwarz and his associate Jean-Luis Rey set out to check the facts of Rosenblat's love story."

Identifinders strikes again

Forensic Genealogists Unmask Another Fraud "In a world built on information technology, the key to Identifinders' success was using team building and technology to derive meaningful information from those facts."

Yonkers woman assails false story

"Jutta Rosenblat said no good could come from a tale that smudges the true story of her husband's family and their ordeal in the Holocaust."

Lawyers prepare for Rosenblat feud

"Hurst is preparing to fight Berkley to retain her portion of Rosenblat's advance, while a lawyer for film producer Harris Salomon told me tonight that their side is also considering a fight against publisher's decision to pull the book."

How TNR exposed a new Oprah-endorsed memoir as a hoax

"According to a source, Berger had received a tip weeks ago that Rosenblat's memoir was a hoax. But after initially interviewing Rosenblat, Berger concluded that his story held up, and didn't pursue it."

Rosenblat's lies "always hurtful" says son "My mother lived a life of hiding. It was natural for them to lie, to cheat, and this is something that they lived with ..."

The book publisher's website has been taken down.

The movie producer's website no long has links from the home page.

But the press sub-page still exists with the Oprah videos that reach back into 1996 etc.


Ken Waltzer talks about the responsibility of the culture makers.

Ken's full statement also included credit for our work for this story - "I want to thank those who have worked with me – particularly forensic genealogists Sharon Sergeant and Colleen Fitzpatrick ..."" 


more later...Sharon



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