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According to Sgt. Mitch Spike of the Palm Springs Police Department...

by Michael 1/13/2009 9:46:00 AM

When CSI co-star Gary Dourdan was arrested for drug possession in Palm Springs, USA Today reporters called PSPD Sgt. Mitch Spike for official police information on the case. When police on stakeout outside a Palm Springs Casino shot and killed a man, reporters reached out to Sgt. Spike for an official PSPD statement. When this writer wanted to establish a literary presence and a research foothold in the real life department I was fictionalizing in the Shooting Shrink Series, I called the PSPD Chief and he referred me to Sgt. Mitch Spike.

Michael Thompkins and Sgt. Mitch Spike in his office at PSPD

Most mornings that I'm in Palm Springs, the first thing I do after I pick up my coffee at the same Starbucks my fictional heroes frequent, is to turn the radio on to 920AM KPSI and the Steve Kelly Show. When it's time for the news, I fully expect anything that is going down in the Palm Springs crime scene to include somewhere in the report: "according to Police Department spokesman Sgt. Mitch Spike."

...Stay tuned for more on Sgt. Mitch Spike. Perhaps you'll see Mitch and me having sushi together somewhere in the Springs.

Southern California Writers Conference-- SCWC-- Blog

by Michael 1/5/2009 2:52:00 PM

I'm going to be both self-serving and collegial by turning you on to the Southern California Writers Conference  Blog site which provides an on-line community to writers like yours truly. Here's the address that will point and click you right to the Blog and-- here's the self-serving part--an article on my upcoming workshop:  Check out some of the writers who are associated with our Blog:

The SCWC Blog is masterminded (using the word not as a cliche) by fellow Seattleite Brian Hilling, who presently is hard at work on his first novel. Well, at work, anyway.


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