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Podcast of Southern California Writer's Conference Saturday Workshop on Shrinking Character Part II- How Psychology Can Help You Write Character

by Michael 12/30/2009 4:00:00 PM

The podcast from Saturday at the Southern California Writer's Conference San Diego SCWCSD#23 is here:

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If you didn't attend the conference and want to learn what we covered in the Saturday workshop, Shrinking Character II-How Psychology Can Help You Write Character simply download the Windows Media File to your computer desktop and it will automatically play for you. (Or save it for later viewing.)  This podcast covers the Saturday workshop Part II, where I discuss the various somatic maps in depth and work with various character developments issues from student projects. Enjoy and, as always, leave your comments. If you attended these workshops, the entire two day workshop will be available from me for downloading as soon as I complete editing. Email me and leave your email address if interested. If you were not a conferee but are interested in the full sessions, they will be avaiilable for a small fee to be determined.

Three Years After-- Christmas 2009

by Michael 12/21/2009 8:49:00 AM

Three years ago this week, I was busy setting up a booth at Village Fest in downtown Palm Springs to give away promotional t shirts with the Shooting Shrink logo along with the first copies of Gun Play. I reflect with gratitude on the hundreds of fans I have met since that night. Sales of Gun Play have been extremely rewarding for a first novel and Big Island Play, v2 Shooting Shrink Series, will be published soon.

Thanks to all my fans and folks who have helped me begin this series. Special kudos to my editors and police officer friends. Salutes to two Palms Spring's police officers for their unfailing support of a rookie author. Finally, bouquets of appreciation to a friend, who I refer to as my Palm Spring's CIA station chief, because she knows everything and everyone in Palm Springs. I hear the expression 'self-made man' often. In my opinion there are no self-made writers--it takes a village to raise a writer. These friendships are priceless.



Plans for this website are expanding. In order to create room for my growth as a writer, the URL of this site will stay the same and change. The soon-to-be new  URL will be, the website for author Michael Thompkins. The URL will still get you to the website. This move will allow me to start a new series of novels TBA, and expand the site to include any topic that relates to my writing. Enough for now-- more later.


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