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Guest Article: Getting It Write with Rick Anderson

by Michael 5/23/2012 1:44:00 PM

Once again, my friend and fellow writer steps into our guest spot -Michael

Getting it Write 

The great thing about Michael's site is the resource it provides for writers that want to write about cops—and for cops that want to write. To be more precise, writers can find opportunities to inject authenticity into the cop characters that they're creating. I'm retired after a almost four decades in public service, capping my career as a federal agent. I met Dr. Michael Thompkins two years ago at the Southern California Writers Conference in Sunny Sandy Eggo. We were teaching separate workshops but our topics had connections to police characters. Comparing notes later, we were encouraged by the large turn-outs that revealed a deep desire among writers to keep their characters honest. There were Q&As following the lecture portions and the questions came fast & furious. One example: "Can my hero use a silencer on his revolver?" The short answer is, no. Or consider this question: "My protagonist is a police officer. She has to take on four punks in a dark alley. What're her options?" I replied, "Multiple," and explained a few. 

Michael's premier novel Gun Play reveals the great effort he put forth to bring to life vivid characters that not only talk the talk, but walk the walk in all things related to the world of cops & robbers. His characters are original, their credibility as working cops faultless. And how did Michael accomplish this? Through research, by riding with working officers, and through social contacts. As a result he's nailed the procedures, the talk, and equally important, the attitudes. This last quality is important because cops do have attitude—and good cops have very healthy ones that enable them in their work.More...

Three Years After-- Christmas 2009

by Michael 12/21/2009 8:49:00 AM

Three years ago this week, I was busy setting up a booth at Village Fest in downtown Palm Springs to give away promotional t shirts with the Shooting Shrink logo along with the first copies of Gun Play. I reflect with gratitude on the hundreds of fans I have met since that night. Sales of Gun Play have been extremely rewarding for a first novel and Big Island Play, v2 Shooting Shrink Series, will be published soon.

Thanks to all my fans and folks who have helped me begin this series. Special kudos to my editors and police officer friends. Salutes to two Palms Spring's police officers for their unfailing support of a rookie author. Finally, bouquets of appreciation to a friend, who I refer to as my Palm Spring's CIA station chief, because she knows everything and everyone in Palm Springs. I hear the expression 'self-made man' often. In my opinion there are no self-made writers--it takes a village to raise a writer. These friendships are priceless.



Plans for this website are expanding. In order to create room for my growth as a writer, the URL of this site will stay the same and change. The soon-to-be new  URL will be, the website for author Michael Thompkins. The URL will still get you to the website. This move will allow me to start a new series of novels TBA, and expand the site to include any topic that relates to my writing. Enough for now-- more later.

August Update: Summer in the Northwest

by Michael 8/26/2009 9:06:00 AM
Finally, he writes.

I spent the entire month locked at my desk doing polish on the MS Word master of Big Island Play because that’s how an agency in New York wanted to read it. Little did I know that I had happily typed away at my keyboard  unaware of such things as  tab indents, spacing by spacebar, and any random format symbols that are not allowed in their submissions.  I could have avoided this work by having the format symbol switch turned on as I write but I simply didn’t know. Live and learn. I finished yesterday and it’s off to them.

Next week I go to Palm Springs to do a radio show, ride with my cop friends,  and work with a student who is writing a novel about a San Diego couple who time travel to the Peloponnesan War. Good concept.

I am still waiting for the Irish government to process my joint  US/Irish citizenship papers. My next trip to Ireland will be as an EU citizen. I have a list of literary prizes only for Irish citizens that I lust after. I just finished writing a magazine article about Finding my Irish Writer Roots. The full book will, of course, wait until I actually get the citizenship.

This summer has been the best summer in 20 years in the Northwest with lots of sun and lots of 70+ degree days.  I give you the following pictures as proof.

More later.




Judith and I found this guy out for a walk at 6000 feet on Mt. Rainer


Judith at 7500 feet at Pebble Creek beneath the Muir Snowfield

Finally, this is a picture (sent to me by Irish relatives) of my grandfather, Michael Reynolds, who was an Irish police officer before immigrating to the US in 1904. Considering I write crime fiction, I think it is safe to say that it's in my genes.


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