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Writing Rivers with Craig Anderson

by Michael 4/27/2009 2:53:00 PM
     Here's a new addition to our little literary opus-in-progress, Shrinking Character: Richard Craig Anderson. After the February Southern California Writing Conference in San Diego, I planned on inviting some hot new names in crime fiction to write some pieces for   Rick and I were emailing back and forth in March so I just up and asked him. Rick is a retired Maryland State Trooper, who I met at the SCWC workshop for crime writers, where participants learned about tactical training scenarios, "Shoot, Don't Shoot" scenes. The first two volunteers (no names mentioned,) both managed to shoot an unarmed citizen played by one of us. Rick's debut blog for us is about writing his new novel Rivers of Belief, which I read and loved.   

“Writing Rivers” by  Richard Craig Anderson  

Hi everyone.  My name is Rick Anderson and Michael Thompkins invited me to discuss my latest novel, Rivers of Belief.  Like Michael’s Gun Play, it’s a crime fiction thriller with an emphasis on edgy characterization—characters fleshed-out until we see their souls, their dreams and even their nightmares—traits that humanize us all.  It’s not a new concept of course, but there is a twist and that’s what I want to talk about.

I met Dr. Michael Thompkins during the 2009 Southern California Writers Conference in San Diego.  We’d been invited as lecturers, our paths quickly crossed, and we formed the basis of a growing friendship.  As I read Gun Play, it became evident that he and I had parallel spirits—we’re both determined to write with authenticity, and we believe that crime fiction must explore more fully the idiosyncrasies that we experience as human beings.  Gone are the formula, two-dimensional caricatures; welcome instead irregular characters made strong by the very weaknesses they fight to overcome—and by the dreams they dare to live.More...


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