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A New Beginning : Odysseus Publishing

by Michael 7/19/2015 7:26:00 PM

     My first novel Gun Play, published by Sterling House in 2007, was a huge success.  In 2009, I eagerly awaited having vol 2 in The Shooting Shrink Series published.  This was not to be.  My publisher Sterling House, a large Indie East Coast Publisher, closed  their doors in 2010, the very same year I ended my thirty-year Psychology practice.  I spent the ensuing four years taking some early retirement (playing with my grandchildren),and trying to fathom the sea changes that were occurring in the writing and publishing industry.  At first I saw these changes simply from the perspective of a writer with one successful novel under his belt.  I turned down contracts that offerred me half of what my first contract had.  I wondered how writers were going to survive.  True enough, this was a second and retirement career for me, but I still wanted my creativity to be rewarded financially--who doesn't?  The first couple of years I stayed confused and wondered if I would ever see my words in print again.  The last of these years I buckled down and researched the new world created by the global impact of the depreciation of the commodity called "the written word."  I won't name names here but you all know who and what happened and is still happening as I write.  What to do to move forward was what hung me up the most.  Like everything else in life, be careful what you ask for. 

     I am creating a new publishing house Odysseus Publishing as my next logical response to my experiences as a novelist.  Taking the name from one of the oldest extant stories of adventure and journey, I hope that I am able to remind myself,  just as Odysseus navigated to his goal, that the goal of Odysseus Publishing is to create a small but effective alternative to the current state of publishing.  Stay tuned to this website as it evolves from my home as a writer to the home of a family of writers.  All the history of this website will remain in the archives of this site. 

     Without furthers, let me introduce our first publication Wrought by Fire by Paul James Keyes, Odysseus Publishing, July 20, 2015.  For a few months, Paul's first novel will be in Epub format only available at Amazon, Nook , iBooks and all Epub publishers.  Paul's novel is a fabulous first dystopian fantasy novel complete with good guys and gals, and really bad guys and gals.  I really enjoyed reading, and publishing it--its a great read!

      Stay tuned!   I can be reached at  For those of you I have met personally, I am still the same guy with a few more grey hairs!




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